Butt Scoot Bundle

Our Butt Scoot Bundle is designed to help your pup have healthy and regular bowel movements that will aid in expressing anal glands naturally.

What’s included:
  • 4oz bone broth powder
  • 8oz psyllium husk powder
  • 3oz probiotic and digestive enzyme powder

This bundle was crafted for butt scooting support

When dogs scoot their butts, it’s often due to anal gland impaction. This means that the anal gland sacs are not emptying on their own, and often that is because the stools they are passing are too soft to properly express the anal gland fluid. Left untreated, impaction can cause discomfort, or even infection. Our Butt Scoot Bundle includes psyllium husk powder, a terrific soluble fiber to help firm up stools for improved anal gland health. Bone broth and probiotics help aid canine digestion and absorption, for healthy poops every time.

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