In the News: Cornering the Market on Kindness

March 13, 2017

Read about entrepreneurs forging a humane economy (including Fedwell's founder Emily Lagasse) in the Humane Society's January/February 2016 edition of All Animals Magazine, written by Karen E. Lange. To enjoy the full article, visit the humane society website.


"Babson graduate Emily Lagasse, who served in Togo in the Peace Corps, wanted to experience the satisfaction she got while working in the West African country promoting small enterprise development. She also had a personal problem to solve: Fenway, the dog she adopted in Togo, where pets are fed human food, became ill after she gave him store-bought American dog food. So she experimented with recipes for home-cooked dog food and developed her own brand, called FedWell. Last year, the first large batch was produced in a factory and distributed to stores in the Boston area, where Lagasse lives. It sold out, she says. “People are excited to support local brands and aspiring entrepreneurs.” ...Read on...

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