Brands We Love: Skout's Honor

November 08, 2016

This week we're sharing one of our favorite brands with you: Skout's Honor. skouts-honor-bottle

There's a lot to love about Skout's Honor. They are a mission-driven company that makes the best non-toxic and eco-friendly pet stain and odor products on the market. Their team was nice enough to send us some products to test out, and we were really impressed with the results.

Our box included four of their most popular products: Stain & Odor Remover, Urine Destroyer, Odor Eliminator and their Patio Cleaner & Deodorizer. fenway-bed-skouts-honor

I was most eager to try out the odor eliminator on Fenway's favorite bed, which, unfortunately does not have a removable cover, making it impossible to wash thoroughly. In the past I have tried airing it out, vacuuming it, and, on occasion, I have lit a candle to mask the scent. I had been hesitant to spray anything directly on the bed before, as I didn't want to make his favorite snooze spot a toxic mess that could give him a rash or make him sick.   skouts-honor-description

After learning more about Skout's Honor and their commitment to make non-toxic products that are safe for our pets, I felt 100% comfortable using their products in my pup's favorite spaces, and was glad I did. I started by spraying down his bed, and then the surrounding area. I've found that all Skout's Honor products are not only effective, but have a really nice, light, and fresh scent. In the days following my first experiment, I began using the odor eliminator in other areas of my house, with great results. Not only that, but his bed is still smelling fresh!

As if the effectiveness of the products wasn't enough for me to be a lifelong fan, I found out they donate a day's worth of food to a shelter animal with every purchase, and with every photo you post with your pet with the tag @skoutshonor!

Skout's Honor Recap:

  • Non-Toxic, All-Natural Products
  • Made in the USA
  • Biodegradable, Eco-friendly & Cruelty Free
  • They provide a day's worth of food (3 meals) for a rescue animal with every purchase and tagged photo!

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