Testimonial: No diarrhea or upset stomach anymore

June 15, 2017

img_2839"Due to Buff having serious health issues I ended up having to cook from scratch for him for the last year and a half and was concerned that if I'm not around no one will be able to feed him properly. I came across a recommendation on the internet and was impressed with your ingredients. Since he refused to eat dry dog food in any form (I even added meat or cheese to no avail) expensive grain free etc., I was not sure how he would feel about Fedwell. Well, he loves it!!!!! He runs to the bag, he licks his bowl clean and no diarrhea or upset stomach. Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made my life so much easier and freed me of stress and worry. Now I can go away on vacation and not worry as much. What a blessing!" -Angela C., New York          


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